You don’t need to have rich parents or a college degree to be successful. Neither should you lose heart if your first idea didn’t work. Out of the 1426 billionaires in the world, 960 are self-made. Out of these 960, only 130 made money from a single business. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson (net worth: $4.6 billion) started out as a Christmas tree salesman. Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban (net worth: $2.3 billion) used to sell garbage bags in his first job.

This infographic, by information designer Anna Vital, takes you through the crazy career paths of 5 serial entrepreneurs who became self-made billionaires. It also proves that success doesn’t always come in the first go or through a single opportunity.

Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires

So if you haven’t found success with your first idea, tweak it or start afresh but don’t give up.