Whether you are for or against vaccines, a doctor can’t vaccinate you against something you already have. And in the case of paradigms, well, you were born with one and you’re going to die with one.

So what is a paradigm?

It is a habitual way of thinking and behaving that leads to the results you get in life.

Everyone has a paradigm. It’s just a matter of whether yours works for you or against you.

Fortunately, I grew up with a paradigm that served me very well for more than forty years. My paradigm was to be the best at whatever I took on…

At a very early age, I decided I was going to become the greatest banking lawyer I could be. I focused on school, got excellent grades, earned multiple degrees, and graduated as the # 1 banking law student in the country. I went on to work for some of the best law firms in the country before running my own very successful practice for over two decades.

However, I wasn’t aware that a paradigm was controlling my results all those years. In fact, I didn’t even know what a paradigm was until I attended a Bob Proctor seminar in 2006.

There I not only learned what paradigms are, but I discovered that the whole way we perceive the world is based on a paradigm. Our paradigm determines what we attract into our lives and what we put out. It literally determines the results we get in every area of our lives.

I was shocked to learn that, for about 99 percent of us, it is not something we create ourselves. A paradigm is something we inherited through our genetic and environmental conditioning.

Now that I understand the incredible power of paradigms, I consciously “fine tune” mine to make sure that it is always aligned with my current desires, goals, and dreams.

If you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life, it’s because of a paradigm you either inherited or adopted somewhere along the line.

But don’t worry if you are frustrated with your lack of progress. Instead take a few moments to picture your life and consider the following questions…

Does your day begin with purpose? Do you prioritize? Practice gratitude?

Do you move through your day with laser focus or are you easily distracted, unable to finish anything?

Do you have a big overriding goal that you are working on?

Those are the types of questions you should ask yourself because they let you know what your paradigm is, and what’s determining the results you are getting in your life.

But here’s the thing…

Even though you cannot outperform your paradigm or your self-image, you can change it by laying a new paradigm over it.

Doing that will change your perception of everything. You will become more effective, productive, creative, and even earn more money (if those are the things you desire).

Start using this knowledge today to create a new paradigm that aligns with the true dream for your life. When you do, it will be clear that your success and happiness are truly up to you.


By Sandra Gallagher