Here you can find the list of your nominees:

Anne Burrell chef

Anne Burrell


Athanasia Vassiliadou coach

Athanasia Vassiliadou


Bolyki Balázs singer (Bolyki Brothers)

Bolyki Balázs


Boros Misi (pianist, 11 year)

Boros Misi


Candice Olson interior designer

Candice Olson


Deb Simons realtor

Deb Simons


Dr. Almási Kitti psychologist

dr Almási Kitti


Garrison Hullinger interior desig

Garrison Hullinger


Gordon Ramsay chef

Gordon Ramsay


Istvándy Gergely winemaker

Istvándy Gergely


Kate Middleton Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit People Affected By The Rioting In Birmingham


Kováts Adél actress

Kováts Adél


Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill interior decorator

Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill


Lydia Böhm coach

Lydia Böhm


Markus Ernsten coach

Markus Ernsten


Michael Silacci winemaker

Michael Silacci


Miklósa Erika opera singer

Miklósa Erika


Molly Sims modell, actress

Molly Sims


Oroszlán Szonja actress

Oroszlán Szonja


Robynn Lin Fredericks actress and spokesperson

Robynn Lin


Sas Sándor athlete

Sas Sándor


Shania Twain singer

Shania Twain


Simó Klára optician

Simó Klára


Sloan Sheridan-Williams coach

Sloan Sheridan-Williams01


Stana Katic actress

Stana Katic


Szuhár Csilla MLM networking

Szuhár Csilla


Yolanda H Foster model, interior designer

Yolanda H Foster

I initiated a voting in the category of the „Person of the Year” among the readers of my blog yesterday. Of course, this voting cannot rival with that of the TIME Magazine’s running under the same name. However, I believe that for those people who receive nominations from my readers, this is a nice, positive feedback and can be viewed as a sign that their lives are worthy to be followed by others.

I expect the nominations of those people for The Person of the Year voting introduced by me whose life and/or way of living inspires others. Anyone from amongst my readers can nominate people even without any reasoning behind that.

Although the voting has only been recently announced I have already received many nominations.