I have a love and smile bank.

The smile account is open and available to everyone, anybody can gain access to it.
Anybody can get a smile, yet without having to do anything for it!

However, the combined love and smile account is exclusive.
This account has the following features:
– nonstop availability (so whenever the client needs a smile or some love, he or she is entitled to announce it anytime, and also gets it straightaway in the requested way and quantity)
– no credit assessment process, and it involves a lifelong entitlement to access the account (the bank deletes a client only in cases of severe abuse)
– unlimited and inexhaustible (it never runs out, always reloads itself, so the client does not owe anything to the bank, neither with interest, nor without it)
– it is a private service, accessible to only a certain amount of clients (the decision on the circle of beneficiaries of such bank packages is solely based on emotions)

Establish such a bank, too. Believe that it can work wonders. If you smile at somebody, you will not be anything less at all, but you can make his or her day better.
People primarily need love, acknowledgement and to feel needed. Therefore, do not be stingy about giving this feeling to your loved ones.