It is a trite cliché, but true nontheless, that in spite of the fact that everyone is looking for happiness, very few dare to consider themselves happy. If you take a look around the world, you do experience that not a single media channel can be found, which is not emanating multitudinous ideas and advices for being happy. But why are there so many wretched people, anyway? If you query people about happiness, you will receive various answers reasoning their unhappiness. Lack of money, solitariness, economic crisis, politics, governments, neighbours, almost everyone is at fault. According to generally accepted practices, one blames external circumstances for one’s own unhappiness. Responsibility assumption is unfortunately not amongst the most common human characteristics and it is shared by only a few adherents. As already mentioned, although all the people are in pursuit of happiness, still do not know which road they should take. I recommend that everybody should head for the nearest mirror. Look into it and recognize that you are about only 15 cm far from your own happiness. And this 15 cm is located between your two ears. This is a very short, however encumbered distance, full of struggles. I know that it will not be a pushover for those who finally start off overcoming the hinderances in their path. However, I have to mention the fact in order to bring consolation and encouragement too, that – despite many other cases – the feeling of happiness can be found now even along the way, not only at the end of the road. As early as one’s journey gets underway, one will already go through continuous experiences of success. Let me assert my firm belief and own experience that the key to personal success and happiness is what one thinks about oneself, the others, the surrounding events and the world around us. It makes a real difference what kind of people are nearby or what kind of information is allowed to reach our brain. It is often heard that books on such topics are considered as brainwashers.

Even though this word is unfortunately widely considered to have a very negative connotation, I am still telling you that it is all right. I think people are badly in need to be brainwashed nowadays. Why would it a be problem, anyway? You wash your clothes on a regular basis in order to remove all environmental impurities and you clean and get the stuck-on dirt off your body every day as well. Then why could not you relieve your mind of the great deal of negative influences having reached it previously? Free your brain, which has the most impact on your quality of life among all your organs. I think it is a fatal mistake to allow your thoughts to be unrestrictedly impaired by others. As you protect your computer carefully from malignant viruses, so too you do have to protect your thoughts from unwanted external effects. Just think it over.

What can be most frequently heard in your ambience?

Regrets, complaints, yammering. What can be watched on television? Somebody has been shot down, another has been robbed, cars have been collided, prices are going to rise… All these are negative impressions. If you do not protect yourself against them, then these kind of impacts and thoughts will gradually take control of your own thoughts as well. Thus according to my firm belief, people do rather need a day by day brainwash. Just as you nurture your body with – hopefully mostly healthy – food every day, so you should feed your brain with positive thoughts on a daily basis, too.

At the same time, I believe it is very important not to mix positive life attitude and hurray optimism. The latter one is such kind of enthusiasm shown by many people, when one is willing to see the positive things only because of a new opportunity. You may be sad or have difficulties and problems, regardless of how positiveapproach you take to your life. Positive life attitude does not mean denial of bad things, but your way of reaction to these troubles and challenges.

I also publish intentionally positive quotes and thoughts in my blog every day. As many people read and like these quotes, I have compiled a book containing 500 inspiring thoughts. This book will be published both in English and Hungarian with several bonus surprise gifts at the beginning of June. You might be right when raising the question: „Okay, positive quotes and thoughts are important, but how does this book differ from the several thousand books consisting of similar messages?” I cannot answer this question. Neither I want to. Everybody is distinct and living in various stages of life as well as on different levels of personal development, thus all of us have our unique needs.

Thus it is up to the readers to decide in which aspects this book makes a difference for them and how it helps them the most.  As everyone is unique, I do not believe in universal, one and only, infallible solutions which are true for all. I do not believe in world-redeeming wisdoms, neither in the stone of the philosophers itself. What I am able to declare is that I have been through ups and downs in my life, and I know how to get myself back on my feet or how it feels to be happy, since I am happy now, too. Therefore I can show you a way in my books, which is not a theoretical one, but based on own experiences and – what may be the most important – eventuates in results.

I think it is safe to say that as soon as you have taken the book in your hands, read it through and thought about the gist of it, you will find some parts which may turn out be supportive of your current life situation in order to break the stalemate and ultimately also help you to get into your stride.