It is essential to happiness, yet a lot of people very often forget about it. It is quite good and natural to have dreams, desires and a constant craving for more. However, you can never reach a balanced life, while forgetting to be regularly grateful for all the things you have. Human nature is such that people tend to take those things for granted what they have already been given. They also tend to forget about the huge input of energy and work invested in order to gain these assets, thus people do not appreciate them enough. It is no coincidence that they do even lose quite a lot of what they have already acquired. Whether this concerns health, workplace, friends or loves.

You take for granted that you are healthy, so you are not concerned about taking care of your health.
You take for granted that you have a family and friends, hence you hardly ever express your gratitude and love towards them. Apart from the usual feast days, how often do you say ”I love you” to your loved ones?
You take for granted that your wife washes and irons your clothes or loads the dishwasher… But how many times do you tell her, make her feel that you are grateful to her for providing you with all these background support?
You expect all your household appliances to be kept in good operating condition, as well as you take for granted that your man takes out the garbage… But are you generally thankful to your husband for it?
You take for granted that your children try to meet your expectations. However, how frequently do you tell them that you love them and you are proud of them?
People usually take for granted that they have a job. And yet how many employees are loyal to their employer? And besides, how many of them do prefer stealing from their company at the same time? They would rather be leisured at workplace, take copy paper home from their jobs etc.
Gratitude is not a two-way process. It is not conditioned, it does not depend on the other party. It is solely about you. About no more, no less than you should express your acknowledgement to others for their efforts to make your life better, easier and happier.
If you forget about it, then your pursuit of happiness and success will be in vain. Even if you reach your goals from time to time, you will never be able to enjoy your achievements permanently, and you will never create harmony and happiness in your life. You will be rather discontented and frustrated.

I know it may seem troublesome or even unnecessary and it also implies some work from you (however, this behaviour will become habitual later, moreover, you will be able to enjoy it), but it is very important to spare some minutes each day – initially in an intellectual way at least, but later through your actions too – for expressing your TRUE gratitude to the deserving ones.