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Advertisements. Doing business without advertising is like winking at a beautiful Woman in a dark room. I know what I wish, but She will not be aware of it.

Advertising proves to be a very dangerous terrain. If your ads fall short due to misapplication, your campaign will operate at very low efficiency, just like pouring water into a leaky bucket. However, as soon as you use your advertisements in a proper way, they will promote your business to a great extent. It is not a coincidence that grim advertising wars are raging even among the biggest companies.

The first commercial was made to order for FUJI, whose ad draws attention to the image stabilization technology used in cameras of their own making. This commercial was part of an ingenious and successful campaign.


The basic concept of the above video ad struck the fancy of the marketing specialists of Mercedes-Benz, who also applied it to showcase one of their technical innovation. Their ad release became – even according to experts – one of the best promo videos of the year.


The experts of Jaguar challenged this marketing campaign with a humorous video clip; however, avoiding mockery of the technical solution of Mercedes at the same time. I think this video release is a perfect example of utilization of advertising potentialities in a witty, highbrow and effective way. These three video ads presented together just like here gained a lot of media coverage, generating multi-millions of views, which consequently ensured all parties an invaluable publicity, while neither party paid a dime for this limelight.